Manufacturers and Systems

System brochures, product data sheets and safety data sheets are available upon request for every  product and system offered by Epoxy, Inc.

Contractors and Architects, please feel free to reach out to an Epoxy, Inc. team member for specific architectural specification sheets, shop drawings, hard samples, color selection charts, care and maintenance manuals and manufacturer warranty information. 


All projects are backed by a 1 year workmanship warranty in addition to the manufacturer warranty. Please review the terms and conditions of the warranty here: 


Epoxy, Inc. hereby warrants all labor and workmanship, as provided by this subcontractor from all application defects for a period of one (1) year, from the date of installation, otherwise known as the date of Substantial Completion, as defined in the Contract Documents, and agree to repair or replace, at no charge to the Owner, any defective workmanship as required during this period. This Statement of Warranty also includes warranties that may apply per the Contract Documents to work performed by this Subcontractor. This warranty does not extend to the following conditions: expansion/control joint cracking due to slab movement, impact damages, scuffs, scratches and divots due to normal wear and usage and water/moisture intrusion due to moisture vapor transmissions outside of our control.